Memorial Day Weekend

Ok, it is now officially the un-official start of the Summer of Hope.  Slowly we are making headway in the attic (plan is to have it painted by the end of the weekend) and then it is on to finding a mattress for her bed and perhaps a dresser/nightstand.  We are finding that the “things” we need for Daniela’s visit with us are easily falling into place.

We enjoy reading about the excitement of the other hosting families as the arrival date fast approaches.  We can empathize with them as they face hurdles and rejoice with them as they work past those speed-bumps.  We continue to pray for strength and guidance on our journey with God.  Several of our friends and families and mere acquaintances join with us in spirit and financially.

Our prayer support network continues to grow.  Our love for a young woman, whom we have never met, continues to grow as well.  Our family is waiting with arms and hearts wide open for her arrival to America.  It feels like she’s already there. God bless.

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