18 Days Away!

Well, the safety inspection went very well (thank God she didn’t look in the basement).  Seriously, Nancy was sweet and we enjoyed getting to know her.

We are almost fully funded for the hosting fees.  Eileen and I are so blessed to have such wonderful friends (new and old) and family who support our mission and our vision of serving orphans.  Our photo puzzle is now completed and we have a few Mudlove bracelets left to sell.

We now are focusing on getting the last items done on the list before June 27th.  Speaking of which, we found out this week that Daniela’s flight arrives at JFK on June 27 at 1 p.m.  Sooooo excited!  We have some photos framed for her room, we have a variety of small gifts and other items ready for her (mp3 player, necklace, purse, etc) and we have been brushing up on our Latvian language skills!

Eileen used her artsy skills to make Daniela’s welcome sign for the arrival at JFK.  Looks wonderful! Today, the kids at Church will be making welcome cards for Daniela and learning a few key Latvian phrases to make Daniela feel welcome.  More to come …


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