What a Difference a Day Makes

It is 10 PM on Sunday night.  This day has been a day of miracles but it did not start out that way.  We have to thank that countless prayers that were offered up for Daniela for the breakthrough achieved today.  Tomorrow may see a different set of circumstances but the results of today cannot be denied.

The day started with tip-toes to the kitchen to root through some candy.  There was a brief smile when we said our good mornings to each other and then …. we met with some resistance.  When told she needed to wash up and put on some clean clothes for church she had a little bit of a tissue-tearing moment.  Then she stalled and stalled until Eileen gently but firmly informed her she had five minutes to come downstairs.  She came but she wasn’t pleased.

While at church we introduced her to our friends there which was met with sullenness and attitude as only a teenager can do.  Our friend Cathy graciously offered a slew of clothes for Daniela to try on and topped it off with a lovely little card written in Latvian!!!  That started the ice to melt.

The younger kids at church had made “welcome” cards for Daniela and decorated them with lots of stickers and flowers and colorful drawings.  After Sunday school was over they all went upstairs and handed them to her saying “Sveika”.  That brought out a smile on her face.

Then we went to a friends house and met up with a few of our friends from church.  Linda and Wayne were so loving in offering their hospitality and Jana, Miriya and Alex were fantastic in helping her feel relaxed.  After chowing down some pizza, chips and soda we hopped into the pool (even though it was raining at points).  Daniela eventually joined us in the pool!! She laughed, floated around and swam like a fish!  She interacted so well with everyone, including me, and was joking and playing with Peter!

Afterwards, when we were home, she told us that she really likes tomato juice and could we get some at the store for her.  She then asked us to keep Peter downstairs while she took a shower in order to insure some privacy.  We finished off the night with a netflix movie and our new ritual – the nightly affirmation (“Daniela is a joy to spend time with”), “Arlabunakti”, “saldie sapni” and “mes tevi milu” (good night, sweet dreams and we love you).



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