Worth the Wait

This is a tough posting.  We did not have a great day and yet on some levels we did.  Daniela pretty much started the day in a snit and continued with it all day and into the night.  Despite complaining yesterday that we are a boring family and she sits around in her room and stares at the walls … that is precisely what she did all day, of her own choosing. 

We had several phone calls with her chaperone who then relayed to us some VERY pertinent information.  Daniela says she does not understand how we can say that we love her when we barely know her while her own family does not love her.  She is not used to this “love” thing and is probably waiting for the other shoe to drop – the shoe that says we don’t love her and pass her along to someone else.  So she is testing us to see if we really mean what we say – that we love her, even at her worst. 

We also learned that her father is still around but has nothing to do with her; he is apparently an angry man, a very angry man.  We are trying to see if we can get a better idea of what happened (if that is allowed) as it may give us a better insight into Daniela.

No matter what happens, we will continue to have faith and will continue to persevere.  We love this girl and it may not be until the middle of July that she realizes that our love for her is genuine and without conditions. We will wait because she is worth the wait.

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