I Want for Ice Cream.

It’s a new day
Things started out when she requested coffee at breakfast! This was a first and I had a feeling when she felt comfortable telling me to put in 3 heaps of sugar she was starting to trust me. Perhaps the first week was just serious  caffeine  withdrawal combined with all the other stuff.
We were able to plan a morning of biking at a nearby lake. Little did I realize there is no swimming, just boating, so the swim plans were kaboshed. I suggested we could go to the pool. No “only lakes or the sea”. I explained there was no sea in Bethlehem Pa and not even a close lake, but we had two rivers and a lovely public swimming pool.  Daniela has this great way of turning her head just so and making a ehh sound that translates into : WHATEVER. Biking was great. So it was after the Whatever and we left the park… we passed a small restaurant and continued to drive. About five minutes in she types something and then blurts it out ” I want for Ice Cream” I almost drove off the road. She started giggling and hiding behind the tablet. I rolled down the windows and hollered to the sky “Ice Cream Ice cream She wants for Ice Cream”  It was awesome.
She choose chocolate chip mint. My mom’s favorite. I wouldn’t have guessed.

There is a lot I wouldn’t have guessed.

She was helpful today. She was extra silly with Peter. She was flexible about the day. She stayed downstairs in the evening and hung out and waited for Phil to get home. They spent some time in the kitchen She told me her mom was Russian and her dad is Latvian. She speaks Russian. She told us Goggle is all over the world. She asked if we checked out Riga on the internet and did we like? She beamed when we said yes. She googled mapped her city and showed us her house. She is excited to go to New York tomorrow and is fine with us bringing a Latvian chaperone who is staying in Bethlehem. She is so smart. And determined. She is not your typical teen but she is. She tells Peter that she gets the front seat. He listens. She wore the dress Phil picked out and purchased all by himself for her. She talked about her boyfriend and that they quarreled over her coming here. I got to tell her what a brave and good choice she made. She wore her cute red keds.

It was Phil who said we should host a girl. Oh No, not me, I’m a boy mom, girls are scary, I was one yikes, crap, etc etc. He is such a smart husband. For what ever reason God has sent this beloved child to us to nurture and teach and learn from. We are blessed. This could all change by tomorrow but for this moment in time my heart is full, I am grateful and I know there are no mistakes in His plan.
PS .she also picked out dresses for me and played her music in car and sang along. It sounds just like American teen music except in Latvian.

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