Aukstā Zupa

I don’t know about anyone else but this family is whipped, exhausted and otherwise drained.  While I’m sure this incredible heat has something to do with it, I am just as sure the roller-coaster emotions, busy pace and holiday have played a major role.

Today started early for me (so what else is new) as I was playing as part of the music worship team at church.  [As a quick aside, I wonder if anyone else in the hosting program is finding it difficult to sleep.  I have not been able to sleep past 6 a.m. yet!  Nerves, excitement? Who knows.]  Anyway, at the end of services, during the final prayer, Peter starts his yelling out loud.  We just couldn’t help but start to giggle and laugh under our breath, especially Daniela.  I think she liked the way Peter was praying.  At times during the service, Daniela appeared to be paying some attention to Michael, our pastor. Hmm? Was she able to pick up a few words here and there? Maybe.

We rolled back into Bethlehem and Eileen and Daniela had to take a long nap; they were just exhausted.  Peter and I ran off to the grocery store and did the weekly shopping.  Eventually Daniela awoke from her slumber and came downstairs.  She typed a question into the translator asking me if I would like some cold soup and if she can make it for me.  Of course, I readily agreed and asked her to go with me to the store.  She smiled and said yes.  At the store we bought all the ingredients she needed.  She was unconcerned with not finding the right kind of sausage (aka bologna) necessary as “I will be able to take [make] still something delicious [for] yourself.”  When I asked her if she wanted anything else at the store she nodded her head “I want something sweet and delicious.” Really love this girl!

At home we began preparing the meal (yes we have a secret video of it unbeknownst to Daniela).  We all sat down to dinner and Daniela was beaming when we “ooh-ed” and “aah-ed”, gave her a round of applause and showered her with compliments. Peter was looking at the pink soup as if to say “You have got to be kidding me! You want me to eat that?” He pushed the bowl away.   Daniela was beside herself with laughter!  She said he does not like “pink” food and that he was on a diet!  That made all of us howl!!  She also said to him that now he knows what she feels like about our food – strange tastes, smells and spices.

After a quick walk of the dogs, Daniela decided she did not want to go to swim tonight.  That was cool with us.  Netflix tonight!  She is taking it easy upstairs as I type this.

Tomorrow Eileen goes to work for the week so Daniela and I will have some time together.  Looking forward to all the awkwardness, frustration, love and laughter that this week has in store for us.  God is so good!!!

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