Loving the Rollercoaster, Hating the Rollercoaster

Hating the Rollercoaster: I am at a loss for words.  I am very disappointed in the way she has been treating me, Eileen, our family and our friends.  For someone who appears so classy she has been anything but classy in her behavior.  She can be charming one minute and rude and obnoxious the next.  I have been bending over backwards to accommodate her moodiness and exercise patience but I have had enough of this mistreatment of hers.

But I am also torn.  I cannot compare what I am enduring – a petulant, moody, hurting, rude, insulting, attitude laden teenager – to what Christ endured.  Really, there is no comparison.  I will endure this and I will do my very best to turn the other cheek but I will also set boundaries.  Daniela will know that her behavior is not acceptable and there are some consequences.  She will also learn that her abominable behavior is not a reflection on us but rather on her.  Lastly, she will know that no matter what she does or says we will continue to love and care for her.

Sorry but I just had to vent there

Loving the Rollercoaster:  Today was a trip to the amusement park and, despite the attitude problems from our petunia, the day definitely had its bright spots.  Laima joined us again and really seemed to enjoy herself.  She got her first taste of cotton candy and she really liked it.

Tricia Hoffa and her family (including Zhenya) met us up at Knoebel’s.  Daniela and Zhenya really seemed to enjoy themselves.  They especially enjoyed the water rides!!  We all went on the wooden rollercoaster, except for Daniela and Laima, and really had a blast.  What a rush!  More importantly it was really nice to watch Daniela interacting with Zhenya and enjoying herself, albeit for only a few hours.  The magic seemed to dissipate as soon as we got in the car to go home but the moments are cherished.


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