Swimming Pools, Alex and the Murphys

Today was a day of relative calm and positive interaction with all concerned.  My sister Suzanne, her husband Kevin and my nephews Conner and Ryan (the Murphys) came down from Millbrook to spend the day with us and meet Daniela.  Also joining in the festivities today was our friend Jana and her son Alex.

Before our guests arrived Daniela came down for breakfast.  She was tentative in her engagement with me but responded positively when I said “Good Morning”.  She played with the dogs today – even Willem, the bouvier – who scare her most of the time.  She played with Peter throughout the day – teasing him and playing keep-away with his pillow.

She enjoyed an indoor picnic lunch with everyone gathered around the kitchen table.  Hot dogs, pasta salad, cucumber salad and watermelon were enjoyed by all.  Peter was the entertainment with his gusto for food; he had Conner, Ryan and Daniela laughing with his eating many pieces of watermelon and trying to steal the peaches on the table at the same time.

The highlight of the day had to be Alex, Jana’s three-year old son.  When he arrived around noon, Daniela was hiding in her room under the covers.  When it was time to head out to the pool, Alex went up to her room (with Peter in tow) and jumped on her bed.  “Wake up! It’s time to go swimming!” he said.  She could not resist such a charming young man.  (I come to find out later that it seems Alex has a crush on Daniela.)

Off to the pool we all go for an afternoon of swimming, water slides, cannonballs and conversation.  Daniela played with Alex and Jana in the pool and had a nice time.  It was quite an enjoyable time had by all.  It was topped off with a trip to the local ice cream joint.  Ahhhh! A good day indeed.

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