Advice to Writers

Copyright Pamela Stopfer Used with permission

I received some very salient wisdom from a writer I admire, Thomas Merton.

He was asked for some advice by a new writer and here is the encouragement he dispensed:

1. Never write down to anyone.

2. Never write what you think others want to hear.

3. Write what is deepest in your own heart and what you know is also deep in theirs.

My paraphrase of this:

1. Be humble.

2. Don’t pander and be courageous.

3. Be genuine and speak of true things.

I hope my writing will due homage to this sapient advice.  If I ever venture off this path I hope that you, the reader, will remind me of this wisdom.

2 thoughts on “Advice to Writers

  1. I love this advice. It’s so important to write truthfully, no matter what people think. But it’s equally as important to be wise and discerning in our endeavors!

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