Blogging 101 – Who Am I and Why Am I Doing This?

As some of you may know I am in between careers and have decided to jump into this writing thing and learn to swim as I go.  I have blogged before – chronicling my family’s adventures in hosting a teen orphan from Latvia ( and one describing our experiences in adopting a our son, Kris (  This is the first time I am writing, however, with the intent of improving my writing skills so that I might make a living at it.  I’m just letting it rip and having faith that the safety net will be there.

As for the “who” part of this I could give you a litany of my adventures and misadventures during my 53 years but I’d rather let you discover who I am by seeing what I write about, what I am passionate about, what catches my attention.  For now, you should know this: I have a lovely family (wife and two kids) and great set of friends.  I live in Eastern Pennsylvania but I am transplanted here by way of “Da Bronx” and Orange County NY.  I love to read books and I enjoy learning to play guitar.  We just completed our adoption of Kris (17) from Latvia and are in the integration of two cultures stage.  So far, so good.

I look forward to learning more about the craft of writing from all of you.  Thanks for reading.

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