Passing Through

tumblr_ltwtz9U3821qco6d5o1_500We are here for such a short time.  The fact that we are here at all is a miracle.  While we are here we experience all sorts of emotions, events, joys and sorrows.  We get sick. We enjoy good food.  We love people and our pets.  We witness magnificence and horrors.  We see the very best of humanity and its very worst.

One of my favorite philosophers/spiritualists is John O’Donohue.  ( He had such a refreshing view on death.  He posits that the souls of our loved ones don’t travel to another part of the galaxy but are right near us all the time.  They have merely loosed the constraints of our earthly bodies and have slipped through the veil to the other side.  They are merely in a different state of being.

While that view is comforting it does not appease the heartache when someone we love leaves us.  It does not quench the overwhelming sorrow.  At least not right away.  O’Donohue says that as much as we would like to take someone’s place when death comes calling, each of us must go it alone.  That passing leaves an awful hole in our life.

Mom passed away suddenly over 14 years ago.  That loss, while bearable now, can never be completely mended.  Other members of my family have also passed recently – four of them within one year!  It’s almost more than one can bear.

So how do we do it? Carry on, I mean?  I don’t have the answers.  I don’t think anyone has the answers to these types of questions.  We’re not supposed to have the answers perhaps.  So when a loved one passes through the veil I try to focus on how the world was impacted for their having been here.  How have they loved? Have they laughed? Have they made others feel special? Have they made others love and laugh?

When I pass I hope that others will celebrate my having walked on this good Earth. I hope they will celebrate life. I really do.

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