School’s Out

So … school was cancelled due to sleet and freezing rain.  What is a poor boy to do? What else but head to the library and check out some books.  Just a little light reading:

  • Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott
  • Einstein’s God by Krista Tippett
  • How We Die by Sherwin Nuland
  • If Ignorance Is Bliss Why Aren’t There More Happy People? by John Lloyd & John Mitchinson

Not only do I love to write but I LOVE to read.

I also heard this song on Saturday afternoon while listening to WNTI.  Seriously brought back a flood of memories from high school and college.  So, I found it on YouTube and a few others that reminded me of seeing The Clash on Broadway, NYC with my friend Suzanne.  Grand Master Flash opened for The Clash, hence the connection.

I make no claims to of ownership to these videos or songs. All rights reserved to the original artists.

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