Signs of Grace

15910043680_5b040e7726_zEarlier in the week I was kvetching about by financial frustrations, demonstrating my whining self-centeredness and my general lack of faith.  Because when I get right down to it that’s what it was – a momentary lack of faith.  I forgot that my God is bigger than money problems. I forgot that my God is bigger than my joblessness.  My God is bigger than material things because it’s not about the stuff.

So later in the week I received 15881170075_aa42c0a802_msure reminders that He knows what is going on in my life.  He is paying attention and sent me small gifts disguised in the form of kindness of others.  That’s how He works, you know … through other people.   They weren’t very big gifts if you measure it in terms of dollar value.  But that’s not the true measure of kindness.  Oh no.  Because the value to me of these tiny gifts is immeasurable.

Lunch paid for unexpectedly by others,  a few pizzas that were on the house and a music lesson that was unexpectedly gratis.

Those small acts of kindness soothed my anxious spirit and provided much more than a full belly o3189923359_0e6fd886db_mr a music lesson.

They served up serenity.  They served up a gentle reminder that I should curtail my whining.  They served up a reminder to relax and have a little faith.

Random acts of kindness … signs of grace … evidence of love.

Thank you to those who unknowingly (perhaps) served as God’s messengers of grace.

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