Ocean Spray

Labor Day 2015 was a short little holiday that was sorely needed by yours truly.  The pace of summer was frenetic (and I’m being overly conservative with that term).  While the thought of traveling 200+ miles with three dogs, four people, a kayak and its accompanying accouterments plus luggage all crammed into a Subaru Forester was not the ideal way to begin the holiday, I managed to get some light snoozing on the way down; no doubt, sheer exhaustion played a major role in that.

So we spent a large part of the holiday on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  Kris enjoyed kayaking through the marshes and the channel between Chincoteague and Assateague Islands.  It appears that crabbing is his new hobby as he spent hours and hours perfecting his crab-pot placement and experimenting with different types of bait.  For the record, using chicken necks was not nearly as successful as using bunker.  I joined him for most of his adventures in crabbing.  It was quite enjoyable chatting with him about life, school, girls and soccer.  The result of the three days of crabbing was a sloppy, messy feast of crab! Quite delicious!

IMG_20150907_091434267The trip would not be complete without the requisite visit to the beach on Assateague Island.  On Saturday the surf was extremely rough so we did not spend much time that day but we paid a visit on Monday before we left for home.  The sun, the surf and the sand were all perfectly balanced.  So much so that Peter, who never ventures into the water, surprised us all.  When he trusted us and the ocean waves enough he was literally frolicking in the waves! He was jumping up and down, thrashing his arms around in the water and meeting each crashing wave with a smile and a puffed-out, he-man chest.  Even when he was knocked down he got right back up, coughed a bit of sea water from his lungs, pounded his chest and shrieked with joy.

Seeing Peter, who is special needs, conquer his fear and enjoy himself in the ocean was the highlight of the trip.  Not even the “he’s touching me … he’s breathing on me … he’s on my side of the back seat” nonsense on the ride home could take that away.

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