Recollections of My Mom – Part 2

“We were living in a 3 room apartment when Phil was born so his crib was in the bedroom with us.  In the morning he’d awaken early and lay there and watch us and if we stirred in our sleep, he would react by standing up in his crib and letting us know he knew it was time for the day to begin.  Sometimes I’d awaken and through a slit in my eyes glance over to the crib and see him eyeballing us and so I’d pretend to be asleep a while longer.  Seems I always needed my sleep and enough sleep was not enough sleep!”

Mom is styling

Mom styling it on Adams Place

“We moved upstairs to a 4 room apartment and from there we could see trees and the roofs of houses and we would sit by the window and watch the birds and at times, the squirrels.  At times we’d sit there and watch the rain and recite the poem, ‘It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring …’ You would recite pronounce it something like, “A rainen, a pouring, the old man a’yoring. He went to bed and bumped his head and couldn’t get up in the morgan.”

Long after Mom has passed she continues to be a blessing in my life.  These stories, these glimpses into viewing the world through her eyes, are such an amazing gift to me and my siblings.  Unbeknownst to her recording these stories and thoughts opens a window into her world from 50+ years ago – her dreams, her struggles, her hopes.  Thanks Mom.



I have to admit that I love telling stories to little ones.  It doesn’t matter if I tell it from memory or read it fr10338466_10204401568549557_4327905665698500258_oom a book.  It is absolute bliss for me to see the kids so enraptured in the story, sitting on the edge of their seat to hear what happens next!

I used to tell the story of the Three Little Pigs to Robert and Andy just before bedtime.  It mattered not that they had heard the story hundreds of times … they wanted more!  Sometimes they would squeal with delight when I did my best Richard Nixon-esque wolf voice as I blew down the house.  Other times they would gladly recite that part with me.1534754_10202466638097505_1529893539_o

The boys are all grown up now and off at college but I recently had a wonderful opportunity to rekindle the joy that comes from storytelling.  This past weekend my niece Evelyn paid a visit (she lives in Maine so visits are rare).  She is not quite two years of age and is just adorable with a capital “A”.

I read her the story of Dusty Locks and the Three Bears.  Apparently it is her favorite story.  It was dustylocksfull blown entertainment of the most glorious kind – lots of wide-eyed anticipation and hanging on every word.  Evelyn delighted in the pictures, the various voices of the characters and her participation in the animation of the story at her favorite parts!  She was grinning and giggling through out our time in storyland.

At the end, her crystal blue eyes were sparkling with glee! It was such a blessing to witness how much joy can be gleaned from living in the moment – joy from words in a book and read with love.

Pure magic!

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