Introducing … Peter

This is a first in a series of posts where I feature a family member or friend and give you a glimpse my relationship with them.  I hope that you enjoy getting to know them as much as I enjoy telling you about them.

This is Peter.  He’s 27 years old.  While Peter is not “technically” my son, I consider him asPeter Happy Woods my boy.  Peter lives with us and is most assuredly a part of our family.  He is in many respects your average guy.  He likes girls, particularly supermodels.  He enjoys looking at magazines and often you can find him relaxing in the hallway with several magazines spread out before him.

Peter also enjoys food.  Boy, does he like to eat! About the only thing he won’t eat is carrots.  He avoids them like the plague.  If he could pick his favorite meal you would find pizza, pasta, broccoli and rice on the plate.  Dessert would consist of cookies or cake but particularly Oreo cookies.  Oh how he loves Oreos!  For a snack he gobbles up either pretzels or bananas.  He’s pretty sneaky too when it comes to food.  If we’re not watching him, he has been known to make a dash for the cookies or bananas and scarf them down before anyone can get to him!

He is very active and likes to twirl as he walks.  He also loves music. Pretty much any kind of music so long as it has a beat; he enjoys rocking back and forth to the tunes, especially while riding in the car.

023Pete is does speak much but he sure has a lot to say.  He is on the autism spectrum and communicates to us through limited sign language or facial expressions.  He understands when we speak to him but admittedly it is sometimes challenging to understand what it is that he is trying to convey.  Over the course of our relationship we’ve managed to “crack the code” and have a very good relationship.

Pete is a very loving and affectionate person.  He is someone who very much enjoys participating in family adventures and family game night.  We take him with us pretty much wherever we go – concerts, picnics, family functions, etc. Generally, he is very happy and content.

He likes it when we read stories to him.  Although he likes that activity he usually doesn’t sit in front of the TV.  He will, however, sit in the hallway and listen to the whatever movie or TV show we may be watching and will occasionally laugh out loud at the humorous parts.  Lately, we’ve discovered that he likes The Three Stooges.  Correction … he LOVES them.  For that he will sit down and watch them on the TV.  He thinks they are hysterical and laughs at all the slapstick.

Honeymoon 083Granted, it’s not all peaches and cream.  There are difficult times when his frustration breaks through but we all struggle with that. All in all, Pete displays a lot of joy with the simple things in life.  I’m blessed to have him in my life.


My friend Paul and Peter hiking through the woods