A Moment in Time


Through the Windshield

This photo was taken on Sunday.  While it may look like a typical day on the moors – foggy, bleak and dismal – here in Bethlehem it was rainy and cold … with a smattering of bleak and dismal thrown in for good measure.  No Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson searching for the Hound of the Baskervilles.

I was sitting in my car outside the ice skating rink.  Kris was having a ball on the ice and Eileen was home recuperating from her last visit three weeks ago when she fell and broke her arm.  So it was just me in the car and the combination of the rain drops, the fog and the bareness of the tree struck me – the starkness of it all.

Winter in Bethlehem.

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This photo was taken up in Monroe County, Pennsylvania.  I tend to head to the woods and lakes to find a serene spot.  In this case not only was I surrounded by the smells of the forest (it was Spring and the air was full of new growth mixed with earthiness left from the winter) but also the sounds of the forest (birds chirping, twigs snapping and brooks babbling).  I went with a a friend and my son Pete that day.  There wasn’t another human being around.  It was magical to just be still and absorb it all in.